Smith & Nephew is continuously working to improve our products so that we can bring the latest in new technology. The new PICO 7Y system has all the benefits of the older PICO versions, with new unique, gentle dressings with extended soft port tubing (450mm).


PICO 7 Features and Benefits

PICO 7Y with new user benefits

Device performances

  • New PICO 7Y pump is powerful enough to work effectively with two dressings simultaneously, allowing healthcare professionals to treat patients who have two surgical wounds

  • The PICO 7Y system delivers and maintains NPWT at 80mmHg (nominal) to two wound sites simultaneously (for up to 7 days)**

Ease of use

  • The check dressing indicator serves as a reminder that the condition of the dressings needs to be inspected to determine when they need replacing

  • A quick check of the dressings will show which dressing needs replacing (please refer to the check dressing change section of the dressing guide)


  • Multipacks of 5 dressings now available, allowing therapy to be tailored to the patients clinical needs

  • 2 large Multisite dressings included in the PICO 7Y kit

  • NOTE: The PICO systems can be used in conjunction with adjuvant Pressure Garment Therapy (PGT), such as hosiery or elastic garments following surgery (including breast surgery)1

Quality of Life

  • Quiet just got even quieter.2 Complies with World Health Organization (WHO, European guidelines) on noise levels at night in hospitals3

  • New belt clip for greater portability4

**As demonstrated in vitro Smith & Nephew June 2018. Summary Wound Model Report for PICO 7Y. Internal Report. DS/18/219/R V2

Check dressing indicator

Orange “check dressing” light flashes

When this indicator flashes, the condition of the dressings needs to be checked.

See section A. Do your dressings look full?


If no dressing change is required by a healthcare professional, refresh the device by pressing the orange button twice.

A. Do your dressings look full?

Patients and caregivers should not attempt to change or apply dressings. Dressings should only be changed by a healthcare professional.

If dressing is not full or blocked then no action is required. If dressing looks full or blocked, contact your healthcare professional right away.

PICO 7Y live application


Ordering Information

PICO 7Y kitProduct code
  • pump
  • pump clip
  • 2 large Multisite dressings
  • 2 extended soft port 450 mm
  • secondary fixation
  • secondary fixation strips

Dressing sizeMultipacks‡

Multisite small 
15cm x 20cm
 Multisite large 
20cm x 25cm
10cm x 20cm 66022022
10cm x 30cm 66022023
10cm x 40cm 66022024
15cm x 15cm 66022025
15cm x 20cm 66022026
15cm x 30cm 66022027
20cm x 20cm 66022028
25cm x 25cm 66022029
ConsumablesDressing sizeProduct code
  Foam dressing filler 10cm x 12.5cm   66801692
  Gauze dressing filler  15cm x 17cm  66801691

Multipacks = 5 dressings only


See warning number 1. Magnet Warning


1.Smith & Nephew 11 April 2011 2011. Finished Product Testing of PICO Dressings Internal Report. DS/11/054/R1. 2. Data on File. DS.16.351.R Comparison of noise levels generated by the PICO and PICO II devices in operation. September 2016; 3. WHO Night Noise Guidelines for Europe 2009. 4. WMP.11446.UEF/R3 Project Fairbanks Human Factors Summary Report Issue 5. G Walker, May 2017. 

*Strugala, V., Martin, R. Meta-analysis of comparative trials evaluating a prophylactic single-use negative pressure wound therapy system for the prevention of surgical site complications. Surgical Infections, Vol. 18, No. 00, 2017.