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Treatment utilizing PICO sNPWT

The PICO System is a small, portable device that applies negative pressure wound therapy for a variety of closed surgical incisions to aid in reducing the risk of surgical site complications (SSCs).

Backed by our indications

The PICO System is the first Negative Pressure Wound Therapy System, to be indicated to aid in the reduction of the incidence of both superficial and deep incisional SSIs for high-risk patients, in Class I and Class II wounds, post-operative seroma and dehiscence on closed surgical incisions.*


colorectal surgery
Colorectal surgery
knee surgery
Hip or knee surgery
skin grafts
Skin grafts
calcaneal surgery
Calcaneal surgery
breast surgery
Breast surgery
abdoninal surgery
Abdominal/C-section surgery
CABG surgery
Coronary artery bypass graft surgery

New Meta-analysis supports the use of incisional Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (iNPWT) for reducing the risk of surgical site infections1





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Reduced risk of SSI using NPWT 33% reduced risk

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Industry involvement does not bias outcomes


No significant difference between -80mmHg and -125mmHg NPWT devices

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Review a meta-analysis of 29 studies in a variety of surgical specialties


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*PICO 7/14sNPWT, for up to 7 days of therapy
† Marginal improvement using -80mmHg vs -125mmHg

  1. Groenen H, Jalalzadeh H, Buis DR, et al. eClinicalMedicine (part of The Lancet group). Incisional negative pressure wound therapy (iNPWT) for reducing the risk of surgical site infection: an up-to-date meta-analysis and trial sequential analysis. 2023;62:102105.